January 14, 2018

Another Convergent Technologies MiniFrame found

classiccmp conversation with the buyer

Vintage Convergent Technologies MiniFrame keyboard from 1986, with SDL8 cable

What I think is a mistaken MiniFrame "Keyboard".  Instead, I think this is a keyboard for a Convergent (or Convergent-branded) dumb terminal, but I hope to see it closer up!  It looks like it matches the Convergent AWS older Workstation keyboards relatively well...

Instead, I suspect that this is a dumb terminal keyboard for a terminal that was originally designed to work with a 1983-vintage NGEN terminal, as Gerald Hawkins shows here

I'm only guessing here, but this terminal could have very well been more "universal" dumb terminal, which would make it very suitable for use on the MiniFrame and MightyFrame as well.

Now, I was wondering what he meant by SDL8 cable, as I couldn't see the cable end very clearly in the above keyboard pics.  Just recently, the same seller sold one of these cables by itself, and we can see it much closer up:

SDL 8-pin M to SDL 8-pin M coiled keyboard cable, Convergent Technologies 1980s

The text of the auction refers to this as an:

That's very helpful, here, thank you seller ccex!



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