January 13, 2018

Convergent Technologies-branded Model S/50 "AT&T" UNIX PC "3b1"

Yes, these were indeed manufactured by Convergent Technologies for AT&T...most of them, except for a few, that they "kept" for themselves, and called them Model S/50.  About the AT&T Unix PC, many say they were "functionally equivalent" to the MiniFrame.  And that relation is why we have been so interested in them here.

But here is an example of one that is actually branded "Convergent" on the front, instead of AT&T.


(Unfortunately, I missed this auction!)


Thankfully, the buyer has been very open to sharing resources with us, and allowing us to archive this rare software and documentation properly, so please watch for that here.

Our first pictures from the buyer show this to be a surprisingly ordinary UNIX PC, and the biggest surprise, the badge/label on the base...still says AT&T!

And the keyboard too!

Unfortunately, it had a rough journey since the sale!

We'll be helping the buyer repair this back to original quality, and we're happy to be able to contribute to it's now restoration!  


I started this VCFed Thred on the topic

comp.sys.3b1 thread

classiccmp discussion with the buyer



Computerworld Oct 13, 1986

InfoWorld Oct 13, 1986

InfoWorld Oct 27, 1986

I also have a (1987?) Mini-Micro Systems 2-page ad showing the S/50 that I hope to post and include here soon...



S/50 Reference Manual

S/50 Service Manual

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