MiniFrame Plus™ Overview

Thanks AGAIN to Al Kossow of for providing many resources here!.

MiniFrame Plus™ Overview - May 1985

MiniFrame™ Overview - July 1984

MiniFrame Hardware Manual - Feb 1984

August 26, 2014:
Al Kossow did tremendous work on some MiniFrame tapes:

BO-11X-4 Tape Files


Al shared an email on August 26, 2014:

About a month ago, I found a box of CTIX labeled carts at a flea market.
Sadly, I went through them today and all but one of them has been written
over with accounting backups.

I was able to save the first few files from a single user system tape
which I've attached. There is a read error at the start of the CPIO of
the root file system (file 8). There are some stand-alone utilities though
which may be of use.

I'm going to scan all of the labels just so there is a record of what
they look like.

This was all very frustrating since I spent a bunch of effort over the
past month trying to make sure that I would recover as much as I could
assuming they would be good for only one read pass.

August 27, 2014:

OK, some slightly better news..

I worked on the tape again today, and was able to recover all but 11 blocks

I've put what I recovered up under

it will take a couple hours for the mirrors to pick it up

The bad blocks are in CPIO archives, so it is possible to stitch the pieces back together

Interestingly, the C compiler and header files are on there.


Here are the labels from the tapes that Al Kossow was unable to image, because tapes were "written over with accounting backups."

CTIXOA = CTIX Office Applications


Tom Trebisky dedicates a page to the MiniFrame:

And here is the only pictures I can find of a MiniFrame.  How's your German?
Now in English:
And it contains a "review" of this machine from November 14, 1986:

This page links to a conversation I don't quite understand, but with better pictures.  Is that a floppy drive I see?
Now in English:   -OR-