MightyFrame Registry

We use this diagram to determine the S/series model based on chassis appearance

MightyFrame Model CG-5140 Type CG-5100-A    "S/320" (we *think*)
- Owned by The MightyFrame.com guys, Simi Valley, CA, USA

MightyFrame Model unknown - motherboard only
- Owned by The MightyFrame.com guys, Las Vegas, NV, USA

MightyFrame Model CR-6140-A11 (Model S/120 or S/221 or S/222)
- Owned by Michael Herzog, Austria

MightyFrame Model CR-5160-C21 "Mighty CR" 
- Owned by Andrew K, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

MightyFrame Model CJ-5330-A12    "S/80"
- Owned by the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA