October 3, 2014

Networking UNIX PC with linux on Xubuntu

The guys at this Meetup Group tonight really helped me out...
They got my modern Xubuntu machine to talk to my UNIX PC over its COM port.

I hope to add my detailed notes on how as soon as I can replicate the whole process by myself.  But here's some pics in the meantime...

Here's a resource they used for the COM port on the Xubuntu machine:


So after all of that, here's where that took me after trying all this on my own

Off topic items I discovered afterwords, maybe to be reorganized later:

-----------------------this section should begin its own new post on Volume Header Block-------------------


it talks about stuff like:
first two sectors, looks for the magic number...didn't you find that "magic number" for the MightyFrame?
and a loader...I need to become an expert in these things...relatively speaking.

So, in re-creating a tape (or MFM disk) that can boot the MightyFrame, how do I find or create the VHB to write it onto the tape?

The most common error the MightyFrame gives on all of these tapes is: 

"Invalid Tape VHB to boot"

So I might be on the right track here? 

And this might be pretty good for me as a newbie... 

And more about VHB on BTOS/CTOS...

New Zealand BTOS

And the Kryoflux tie-in ----------------CROSSOVER------------------------------------

And sometimes this will cross over into the MFM hard drive reading section:

Malcolm Macleod - Disk Imaging Techniques ‐ using ‐ ImageDisk & Catweasel

DiskVaccuum I

DiskVaccuum II

MFM Hard drive Geometry/History

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