May 11, 2014

Maxtor XT-2190 MFM Hard Drive Reading

In an effort to read data from one of these MightyFrames, we are setting up other machines to read these hard drives:

Pinousts for the Maxtor XT-2190

Maxtor XT-1000/2000 Product Specificication and OEM Manual

Details about this on Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (MARCH)
Thread One and Thread Two

And on


From Al Kossow 8-28-2014:

You should try to figure out how to get block-level dumps of the disks in the
systems that you have.

It would be interesting if the 3B1 disk controller could correctly handle reading
Miniframe disks at the block level, but it's probably safer to try imaging the disks
that you have by finding another MFM disk, installing a system on it from the cart
bits, and copying off the contents either serially or out to tape (likely you're going
to have to fix the rubber roller in them) which could then be read on the Unix box
that you wrote the cart on.

From Al Kossow 9-3-2014:

just a FYI, an alternative once it gets going for a real mfm drive

interesting that it's been tried on a 3B1

(Our note:  We ordered 2 of these boards from David.  We will update this post with the status on our success with it.)


Random links and notes on sources for exploring the "crossover" of MFM hard drive reading, and 5.25 floppy reading:

New Zealand BTOS

And the Kryoflux tie-in

And sometimes this will cross over into the MFM hard drive reading section:

Malcolm Macleod - Disk Imaging Techniques ‐ using ‐ ImageDisk & Catweasel

DiskVaccuum I

DiskVaccuum II

MFM Hard drive Geometry/History

And what's that book he's referring stuff in?

And back to reading now...these guys are really smart:

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