February 7, 2014

WANTED: Mightyframe CTIX Install tapes

 ( on QIC-24 3M DC 600A cartridges or equivalent )

Photo Courtesy Michael Herzog - Many Thanks!

If you have anything that remotely resembles this, please contact us at MightyFrameCT@Gmail.com 

It would be fantastic to find CTIX and/or MightyFrame manuals also.  
Here's what Google turns up today:


We have also posted this request at the vintage-computer.com forum

...and on Unix.com at bit.ly/1nAWF5J 

...and on Dev Shed Forums bit.ly/1hFy9eQ and bit.ly/1sAixAk

...and post on old-computers.com when registration complete (or not...)

...and on Reddit UNIX


  1. Hunt down Mike Schmitt at http://linkd.in/QkRqeh

  2. And why not post it at


    Somebody may still read it!