December 19, 2020

First MightyFrame CTIX Software QIC Tape Images on bitsavers!

They appear to be mis-categorized under MiniFrame, so without this page to redirect you, you might not find them....But we are thankful they are there!

Special thanks to NeXT on the forum for saving and imaging these tapes, and as always, Al Kossow and Bear who run Bitsavers...thank you all!


  1. Oh wow, this is some great content to get archived. I don't have too many specs on the MightyFrame line so maybe can find some more info in these docs. Although the Hardware Manual unfortunately wasn't part of the scans.

  2. Al runs Bitsavers. NeXT saved the tapes. My involvement was imaging them for him. I also scanned the considerable pile of documentation he saved, and contributed that to Bitsavers at his request, as well.

    1. Bear, thanks for the clarification, and thanks even MORE for your contributions to this and all of these projects! You are part of a fantastic and highly valuable volunteer team in my book! The Forgotten Machines live on!