August 25, 2019

MightyFrame EPROM

The Convergent MightyFrame EPROM read/dump.

Somewhere, back in 2014, I remember Al Kossow giving me an EPROM dump of the Computer History Museum's MightyFrame S/80 EPROM dump, and we compared it to both of my model S/320 EPROM dump files, and they were identical.

But I went looking for that file last night, and couldn't find it, which prompted me to create a page here, on my own site, dedicated to the storage (and subsequent downloading) of the EPROM read from both of the EPROMs of my MightyFrame S/320.

And yes, they are indeed identical.  So why put them both here, instead of oly 1 of them?  Just for fun I guess...and silly redundancy...

So, here they are...for your downloading and disassembly pleasure....

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