August 7, 2015

MightyFrame Games Download

I discovered last night, immediately after setting up my vintage UNIX/CTIX display in the Whiskey Pirate Crew room at DEFCON 23 (2015), the crowd has spoken!  What do all of you hackers want to see?  Vintage MightyFrame games!

So, as a tribute to Whiskey Pirate Crew's hospitality and welcome of my vintage UNIX display at Defcon 2015, here they are:

found in the CTIX 5.25.1 factory-fresh install.

On the MightyFrame, these games reside at /usr/games

They are compiled & designed to run on the Convergent Technologies MightyFrame, running a MC68020 processor.

Happy hacking!

Will this run on MC68040 emulation with MMU?  (Linux debian m68k port, gcc, gnu as, gdb and other linux development tools. It's Linux but m68k arch...just a suggestion!)

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