May 23, 2015

1986 Convergent Technologies Status Codes Manual 2nd Edition

Days ago, I missed buying this very hard to find manual on eBay.  While not directly about the MightyFrame, the fact that it references the MightyFrame and CTIX is something that would have been very important to our MightyFrame and Convergent Technologies resource aggregation efforts.

So, how did I miss this?  It seems silly in retrospect.  I was carefully viewing eBay saved searches for "Convergent Technology" and "Convergent Tech", but failed to create a saved search for "Convergent Technologies".  Minor difference, but eBay followed my instructions, so since this auction was listed with a keyword "Technologies" instead of "Technology", I didn't see it until my friend in Austria, who also owns a MightyFrame, pointed it out to me.

To whomever won this auction, congratulations!  And, if you ever would be willing to donate a PDF of this manual, we would be thrilled to publish it with out MightFrame archives here.

BUT, enough lamentation on missing an opportunity. Instead, in an effort to at least document the existence of such a manual, I'm going to archive all of the information from that auction here.

Original Auction link (for as long as eBay keeps it published)

Archived .mht webpage

Archived .html complete webpage .zip (4.5Mb)

Auction ScreenCapture Montage .png (3Mb)


1986 Convergent Technologies

Staus Code Manual (2nd Edition) 

400+ pages & Appendix

Loose Leaf in 3 Ring Factory Binder.

Incluides Crash Analysis, Error Codes (354 pages of Error codes for Work Stations using Convergent Technologies) Bootstrap ROM Errors, CTOS Initialization Errors and More!

Burroughs Work stations among others used Convergent Technologies. Book has tons of great information including references to UNIX (Bell Labs) CP/M-86 (Digital) , CT-DBMS, CTIX, CTOS, DISTRIX, MegaFrame, MightyFrame, MiniFrame and more Convergent Technologies programs and trademarks. Very loaded book!

  Msrs. 9 x 9 x 2.5

Condition: Very Good Used Clean, Solid and complete, Little wear to covers and corners, Contents clean and tight - light handling wear  - No marks or writing - 

Total weight with safe packing is 3lbs with safe packing 

Default shipping in USA is Media Mail,  International would be First Class Mail.

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Update 05/23/2015

My friend Michael Herzog in Austria, who is also working on a MightyFrame, bought this manual, and will share a PDF of it with me.  Thank you Michael!

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