January 22, 2015

Creating MightyFrame /dev devices using a script on the UNIX PC

Tom Trebisky has done a marvelous job assisting us in this project.  We simply could never have gotten this far without his patient, dedicated help.

One of countless gems, Tom created this shell script to run in the /dev folder on the UNIX PC, where /dev is on slice 1, and contains other MightyFrame os files.

12/19/2014 11:18pm
From: Tom Trebisky

I think I have it.  I'll attach it to this or the next mail.

What I did was to run cpio with the -t switch, then chopped out the section
for the /dev directory and converted it to a script full of shell commands.

So, take this thing, name it whatever you want (like make_devices) then get it to
the unixpc somehow (it is pretty long, probably don't need all the junk in there,
but I am making EVERY file and giving them exactly the ownership and permission
they used to have).

When you get it there, you could copy it to /dev, but what I would do is

mv /dev /dev_ORIG
mkdir /dev
cd /dev
sh /path/to/make_devices

The main thing is to set up an empty /dev directory, then run this
script from inside that empty directory

By the way, the /dev directory should have permissions and ownerships like this:

drwxr-xr-x   9 root     sys             0 Aug 25  1986 dev

If not do this:

cd /
chown root dev
chgrp sys dev
chmod 755 dev

Check out that 1986 date !!

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