September 17, 2014

One Backup Tape Found!...well, not really...

When we first received this tape from the former owner & user of our MightyFrame, we were just all too sure that it was for the MightyFrame.  But, as it turns out, it is most likely for a completely different system, from 5 years earlier than the MightyFrame...Point 4 Mark ? series machine.  We'll probably restore one of these systems, too.  We just love this obscure stuff...

Still, it brought up interesting discussions, which are worth documenting for our MightyFrame restoration projects.

A note from the original owner and user of our "MightyFrame One", as we call it:

"This morning I met with the lady who used to do our MightyFrame backups, and showed her the tape cassette example. She says it does look somewhat like what she remembers. The difference appears to be that the tape she remembers was metallic on both sides, rather than clear plastic on one like the sample. She said the tape itself is the same size as she remembers.

Maria had no idea what the hand written note referencing a Kennedy hard drive meant.  She did not recognize the note nor the handwriting on it. She did suggest a couple places where the systems tapes might be, one of which was at the current company office. I stopped there on my way back and looked, but didn't find anything. I did ask my colleague to check with the landlord about gaining access to the old building to look for the tapes there. Hopefully he'll hear something in the next few days.

When I got back home, one of my colleague's sons emailed with a photo of a tape he'd found at the office among the VHS tapes. The photo is attached. It closely resembles the cassette sample you sent, but differs from our backup person's description in that in has only one metallic side. It is labelled TAPE BB and may be a backup tape, but I'm not sure what era it would be from. I've asked Karl to hold on to the tape and I'll pick it up in the next couple of days."


Update 10/13/2014:

We received this tape today from the original user.  Visually it appears to be in good condition.  We are quickly forwarding it on to an experienced specialist in this vintage of QIC tape.  If there is only one good read left in this tape, we are confident that he will capture it.


  1. I have lived this vintage computer revival rollercoaster myself a couple times... The moment a good boot tape lands in your hands is a gamechanger. The real fun begins when it bootstraps. Best of luck.

  2. Thoughtful blog, thanks for sharing.