November 19, 2013

Re: Convergent Technologies Mightyframe anyone?

It seems that the most recent conversation about this system is found here:

I am hoping to get in contact with Larry Marsden, who back in 2012 said that he had "boxes of old Convergent tapes in my basement from a Cdn support centre".  That would be really helpful for our project: or

There are older conversations that I found when searching on mightyframe:

And similary on miniframe:

There seem to be more recent discussions on the OS, CTIX, found here:

AND, it appears that there may be a popular alternate spelling:   Mitiframe

Other than that, it seems that all of the related recent discussion on were initiated by us (firebirdta84):

Tom Trebisky dedicates a page to the MiniFrame:

And here is the only pictures I can find of a MiniFrame.  How's your German?
Now in English:
And it contains a "review" of this machine from November 14, 1986:

This page links to a conversation I don't quite understand, but with better pictures.  Is that a floppy drive I see?
Now in English:

An interesting "paper" that R. D. Davis published on the MiniFrame back in 1996, with some tidbits about the MightyFrame, is here:

Computerworld March 10, 1986, page 39:
"Convergent's Mightyframe/JWS, Aida's CAE workstation debut"

Then there's articles that may or may not add value:
Data Processing - Volume 28, Issue 2, March 1986, Pages 107 (or is it page #107 only?)

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